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Introducing StageSteps! We are an innovative company dedicated to providing exhilarating and enchanting classes for children aged 4-15, igniting their passion for the performing arts.

At StageSteps, we believe in nurturing young minds and bodies, empowering them to shine all whilst having a blast! We have created a unique curriculum taught by an industry professional that sparks creativity, builds confidence, and cultivates lifelong skills.

Watch with pride as your little ones embrace their inner superstars, whether it be leaping across the stage, channelling characters, or mastering intricate choreography. They will build a solid foundation in technique, while also discovering the power of teamwork, discipline, and the limitless possibilities of their own imagination.

At StageSteps, we understand that every child is unique, which is why our classes welcome children of all levels. We will inspire and guide them every step of the way.

Join our StageSteps family and enroll today, and let the magic unfold as they take centre stage, creating cherished memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. Together, let's dance, let's act, and let's unlock the limitless potential within every young star and watch them shine!


Dance Class

Acting Class

Dance and Acting Class

Workshops and fun days


Hannah Alcock

Hello! my name is Hannah Alcock and I'm an actor and teacher. Starting my acting and performance career aged 3, I spent 9 years training at a dance school, and 6 years at a performing arts school where I later became Head Girl. 

 During my youth I was cast in pantomimes, starred in a variety of short films shown at a local cinema screening, performed in a number of local productions, as well as on the West End stage twice at Her Majesty's Theatre. I also was awarded a distinction in grade three Musical Theatre from Trinity. I have also achieved a BA (Hons) degree in Acting and Performance from the University for the Creative Arts.

I have 4 years of teaching experience, equipped with teaching qualifications, an up to date DBS certificate and first aid training. I have started StageSteps because I love to share my passion of the arts by teaching the younger generation all the things I learnt while growing up in the industry, and all the things I wish I knew! I love to pass on my expertise and teach the children new skills, it's so rewarding for me and them, but I also think its so important that they have fun doing it, that's why the children will never leave my class without a smile! 

About me 

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